Updated Thursday February 7, 2019 by Tim Chadwick.

Volunteer Information: The Topsail Baseball Club relies heavily on volunteer youth sports coaches to help provide the kids in our community.  Each year over 50 individuals dedicate time to mentoring, shaping and enhancing the lives of over 400 youth sports participants in the Topsail and Hampstead area.

 Time Commitment: Typically most teams have 2 practices, as well as a game or two per week. Practices start one month before a season which runs 8 weeks. Seasons may be extended to allow make up games due to inclement weather.

Spring Ball:  Mid March thru May                              Fall Ball: Mid September thru October

 Why should I volunteer?

  • Studies have shown that those who volunteer have a lower mortality rate than those who do not, even when considering factors like the health of the participants
  •  Volunteering has also been shown to lessen symptoms of chronic pain or heart disease
  •  Strengthening your community
  •  Improving  the lives of others by providing a positive influence
  •  Requirement for school or work
  •  Increase your self-confidence, physical health and fitness
  •  Reduce stress and depression
  •  Meet and connect with new people

Will I receive any training? The Topsail Baseball Club supports any individual skill level to lead and coach effectively with confidence.  We offer several coaches clinics and senior volunteers are always available to assist.

Will I be volunteering alone? Volunteering should be a fun and fulfilling experience for you. It's a chance to learn something new and an opportunity to use the skills you already have. Each team will need a head coach and 1- 2 assistant coaches; find another volunteer partner(s) who can share the responsibility with you. Together you can provide twice the insight.

Not ready to coach? We are always in need of board members. Board members help make group decisions in regards to the way seasons are run and brainstorm to help make the experience that much more enjoyable. One of the top questions we get about becoming a board member is the time commitment. The board meets on the first Wednesday of every month, for approximately an hour and a half. Over the course of the year, there are a few times we need volunteers for special events such as opening ceremonies, the annual reverse raffle, field clean up, and etc. The time commitment is minimal and knowing that our community has a solid organization that supports a clean, safe, and encouraging environment for our youth is rewarding.  






Facilities and Equipment

Field maintenance; field use permits; equipment distribution, collection, maintenance, and replacement. 

Player/Team Coordination

Registration, evaluations, drafts, parent requests, uniforms, etc. (Other possibilities: scholarships, trophies/awards...)


Plan yearly budget


Special events; donations; sponsorships; volunteerism.


Fill board positions as needed.


Oversee play in each division.




Plan/organize and run clinics for coaches and players.


Get All-Stars started early!


Thank you for your consideration and commitment to making a difference in our community. For any additional questions, concerns or interests in volunteering please contact: registration@tbcbaseball.com