Bat Rules for 2018

Updated Friday January 12, 2018 by Tim Chadwick.

The rules for bats will see a significant change in 2018.  Here is what you need to know before the season starts and especially before you go out and purchase a new bat.  All bats for Rookie – Majors need to have the new USA Baseball Stamp on them.  Any bat purchased prior to Sept 2017 is no longer legal for play.  All of the other recreation baseball organizations are adopting the same changes, so there is a significant number of models and manufacturers from which to choose.


  • Tee-Ball Division
    • We are not implementing any changes for Tee-Ball.  Cal Ripken rules do state that Tee-Ball bats require the USA Baseball stamp; however, we are not requiring it as a local league.
  • Rookie – Majors
    • All bats need to have the USA Baseball Stamp.  A simple google search will reveal what the stamp looks like and what to look for in the stores and online.  All retailers have them sorted and available.
    • Any bat used in previous seasons will no longer be permitted in either practice or games.
    • Players are now permitted to use bats with a max barrel size of 2 5/8”.
      • Previously only 2 ¼” were allowed.
    • No BBCOR bats.
  • Babe Ruth Division 13-15
    • The same rules as Rookie – Majors apply with one exception.
      • Players are permitted to use BBCOR .50 bats.  All other bats must be USA Baseball marked bats.
      • Any 16 year old player participating in Babe Ruth will need to use a wood bat.