Frequently Asked Questions

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Updated Wednesday November 8, 2017 by Tim Chadwick.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions that we answer over and over again.  We're glad to do that, but having the  answers all in one place makes it easier for everyone!


What equipment will I need to provide for my player?

T-ball players must have a t-ball glove and grey baseball pants.  Sneakers are required at a minimum, but we recommend cleats.

Baseball players (all ages and divisions) must have a baseball glove, grey baseball pants, and a protective cup (boys only), 

TBC provides each team with batting helmets, catchers gear, baseballs, and a tee.  We do not provide bats.  If your child does not have a bat, he or she will be able to use a teammate's bat.  If you plan to purchase a bat, please consult with your coach to determine what size bat your player needs before you go shopping.

Finally, PLEASE LABEL YOUR CHILD'S GEAR with his/her name and a phone number!  This saves you money and frustration for all involved.

How long will the season last?  What can we expect?
Your player will have one field practice, one batting cage practice (baseball only -- t-ball does not have batting practice), and one\two game per week.  Depending on weather issues, practice and/or games may have to be rescheduled, leading to weeks with no baseball or weeks with a lot of baseball. 

How will I know if our practice or game is canceled?

You will receive a text or email from Topsail Ball Club notifying you that practice or a game is canceled. 

I want my child to play up/down a division, but the registration site won't give any choice except his/her age group.

Babe Ruth regulations require your child to register in the division that corresponds to his/her age group.  You will be able to request to play up or down on the next screen.

I want my child to be on a particular team because we (insert reason here -- need to carpool, love the coach, want to be with this friend, want to avoid this kid, never want that coach again, can't practice on a certain day -- whatever reason you have).  Can I do that?

Yes!  There is a section for team requests on the registration site.  We cannot guarantee that we can grant every request, but we certainly bend over backward to do so.  In addition, we do keep requests confidential, in case you are concerned about causing hurt feelings or other drama.

I don't want to invest a bunch of money in baseball equipment, only to discover that my child hates the game.  Do you have any equipment we can use until we know he/she wants to keep playing?

Baseball gloves and other equipment are expensive!  We do have a limited amount of equipment that we can loan players who don't have their own gear, for whatever reason.  Let your coach know what you need, and we will work it out.  There are also a couple of good used sporting goods stores in the Hampstead/Wilmington area.

Why does TBC require each team to work in the concession stand?
The Hampstead Kiwanis Club offers a generous percentage of their concession sales to any organization that will send volunteers to help run the concession stand.  We ask each team to give two hours of their time to help us raise this money for TBC, which in turn also helps raise money for the Hampstead Kiwanis Club.  It's a great way to help two wonderful community organizations at once.  Every dollar raised stays in Hampstead.  

The alternative to raising money in this way is to ask your children to sell something.

My friend's son wants to play, but they just can't afford any extras right now.  Do you offer scholarships?

We do!  The parent should contact us for an application for a scholarship, and agree to volunteer at least two hours above the team requirement for working in the concession stand.  Volunteer opportunities include working extra shifts in the concession stand, prepping fields before practices and games, volunteering at any events we may have, and other activities.  We would never turn away a child who wants to play ball.

What is the Division breakdown?

All ages are based off of the age of the child on April 30th the season year.  Tee-Ball is for ages 4 - 6, Rookie or Machine Pitch (which uses the Louisville Slugger Blue Flame Machine) is for ages 7-8.  Minors (Kid Pitch) is ages 9 - 10.  Majors is for ages 11 - 12.  Babe Ruth is for ages 13 - 15.  We do allow 16y/o to play Babe Ruth, however those players are not permitted to pitch and must use a wooden bat.

What days will my child play\practice?

The schedule is tough to predict before we know how many teams we will have.  Teams will play 1 - 2 games during the week.  Saturdays are limited to 1 or 2 games a season, not including any possible make-up games.  However Tee-Ball can expect to play on most Saturday mornings during the season.

If your question & an answer isn't covered above, please contact any board member.  Thanks!